Meet Your New Digital Shopping Assistant and Customer’s Best Friend, Dearduck

Introducing Dearduck

In our blog “Operating an eCommerce Store – 4 Key Differences”, we discussed how eCommerce compares to physical stores. One of the major pain points of an online store is the lack of human interaction during a customer’s journey. In physical stores, merchants provide customers the opportunity to interact with a sales associate. Online merchants are limited to getting to know their customers through automated, cold communication, click-thru interactions, and generic product description copy.

At Dearduck, we asked ourselves, how do we turn this pain point of an impersonal online shopping experience into an advantage? First, we looked at the purpose and value of a sales associate.

Benefits of In-person Human Interaction

Sales associates help retailers create an inviting shopping experience. They act as personal way-finders for shoppers. Sales associates can have a dynamic conversation with customers to learn what brought them into the store and help them find the product they are looking for and new products they might also love. They learn from customers directly about their lifestyle and style preferences. Equipped with this information, sales associates can guide them to the best available product and, if needed, provide alternatives, and in some cases, even upsell! 

Okay, that sounds great! Now, how can merchants recreate this human interaction online without being intrusive but making it a fun and helpful process for the customer? Because no one wants to talk to a chatbot.

Meet Dearduck, your digital shopping assistant, and your customer’s best friend

By partnering with Dearduck, merchants can mirror an easy-to-navigate and engaging shopping experience online. Merchants are now able to unlock the benefits of a personalized, human experience with already existing eCommerce benefits of scale.

Dearduck helps merchants better understand their customers and communicate how their products fit perfectly with their customer’s actual likes and needs. By communicating directly with the customer, Dearduck gains first-party information not accessible through cookies about their interests, preferences, and lifestyle. Merchants can learn more about their customers while still respecting their privacy.

Dearduck also knows your inventory inside and out. Imagine your most personable in-store sales associate with precise knowledge of your products and their unique qualities.

Pair these two assets together, and Dearduck is able to curate collections of products that your customer would love and contextualize these recommendations based on their interests and lifestyle.

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