Show less. Sell more.

Show each customer everything they need to see and nothing they don’t.


Effortless curation

Dearduck automagically brings your products to life by making them relevant to each and every consumer’s life.


100s of hours


90% less


20% more

How it works

Match products to people

Instead of showing everyone everything, easily match products to people to determine the right mix of products for each person.

Rank products by relevancy

We rank the mix of products by relevancy for each person using internal preferences and external factors.

Contextualize products

We modify the product details to add context of how that product fits into each individual person’s life.


Talk not stalk

Involve your customers in the conversation to build trust and learn new insights that open an entire world of possibilities.

Deliver bliss

Nothing is better than feeling like someone totally gets you. Gain a certain type of BFF status by helping each customer find products made for them.

Shine bright

Each person dreams about how they will use your products in different ways. Elevate the most relevant things about your products for each person.

Bye bye buy

Totally over saying “buy now”? Discover new ways to talk to each customer that help you increase the number of people who “buy now” without having to say it.


Automatic Quiz Builder

Dynamic quizzes are automatically created and adjusted based on the inventory you have available at any given point.

Triggered Campaigns

Automated campaigns convert at 4x the speed! They include new arrivals for each specific customer, event-specific recommendations, and more.

Custom Subdomains

Our interactive landing pages are branded for you and have a sticky social interface where users curate their own collections with friends.

Inventory Adjustment Toolset

Use our realtime dashboards to compare and adjust your inventory to the preference combinations of your customers.

Smart Referral Links

Dearduck’s social curation feature has a 63% share rate that routinely turns 1 customer into 3. And 3 into 9. And so on.

Why we're here

We believe that online shopping should be blissful, targeting customers should be effortless, more choices should mean more relevant, and that everyone should discover products the way they dream about using them.