You’re brilliantly unique.

The way you discover products should be too.

You’re brilliantly unique.

The way you discover products should be too.

Dress for Chelsea’s wedding

Outfits for girls’ Tulum trip

Birthday gift for Lucy

Chicago in July

89º F

Tulum in April

76º F

Lucy Loves


Wedding Vibe

Minimalist Garden Party

Trip Vibe

Fun colorful

Lucy’s style

Bright colors Embroidery

Your Style

99% match!

Your Style

Patterns, Maxi

Lucy’s Vibe


What's different about us?

Totally transparent

We see you as a person, not a cookie. We promise to always give you the option to share what you want, with who you want.

Designed for people

We designed our product for you to have a better experience everywhere. It just so happens it helps your favorite retailers!

Curated for you

We help retailers recommend what’s right for you today so you can see everything you need to and nothing you don’t.

Product discovery reimagined for you

We don’t just bring products to life. We bring them to your life.
We work with your favorite retailers so they can help you shop blissfully.


Save time searching

Spend the time that you would’ve spent searching through thousands of products for something you love with the people you love.

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Learn about friends

Learn what you have in common with friends and the things that make each of you unique.

Why we’re here

Why we’re here

We believe that shopping with your favorite brands should be blissful, more choices should mean more fun, and that everyone should discover products the way they dream about using them.