Here at dearduck, we’re obsessed with the how’s and why’s of giving great gifts, so we decided to take a look back for some gift-spiration, from Prince George to Cleopatra.

1. Prince George’s Rocking Horse

How to give an amazing gift to a literal Prince who has everything? Even the Obamas might have had a tough time figuring that one out, but we think they nailed it: a rocking horse. Not just any old rocking horse, but one handmade using wood from an old oak tree on the White House lawn. Oh, and the saddle is embossed with the Presidential Seal. And from the way the adorable royal was rocking that horse in July when he met the Obamas at Kensington Palace (remember the monogrammed robe, gingham PJs and velvet slippers, natch, as it was right around his bedtime?!?!), it seems like a fave in Prince George’s routine. Now we just want to know if he’ll let Princess Charlotte ride it.

Statue of Liberty

Thanks, France!

2. Lady Liberty

The long and costly process of gifting this enduring symbol of freedom from France to the U.S. is the exact opposite of what we fervently hope the dearduck experience will be. But! Soooooooo worth it! And when you’re making a gargantuan, copper and steel 225-ton masterpiece in France and then bringing it to New York harbor to be installed on an island in the 19th century, what can you really expect? The result is unequivocal: a welcoming beacon to generations of “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” and a steadfast reminder of the deep friendship between the U.S. and La France.

Taylor Burton Diamond

Sort of puts all other diamonds to shame.

3. The Taylor-Burton Diamond

During their famously tempestuous relationship (married—twice!), Richard Burton was known for showering his jewelry-loving leading lady with extravagant gifts, but one stands out above all others: The Taylor-Burton diamond. The 68-carat whopper was put up for auction by its previous owner because it was simply too gigantic to wear, and when Burton didn’t clinch the deal he was furious. He eventually ended up paying Cartier $1.1 million for the rock in 1969, which Taylor transformed into a necklace, and wore, among other places, to Princess Grace’s 40th birthday party in Monte Carlo. When Taylor sold the diamond in 1979, she donated a portion of the proceeds to constructing a hospital in Botswana—just one of many charitable acts by the supremely philanthropic actor. We miss you and all of your glorious style and incredible heart, Ms. Taylor!


When the most effective gift is yourself.

4. The Ultimate #GirlBoss: Cleopatra

Speaking of Taylor, one of her most memorable roles, as Egyptian queen Cleopatra (where she met Burton for the first time on-set), highlights another famously notorious gift. Here’s the story: Cleopatra was overthrown by her advisors and—get this—her younger brother. So, what do you do when you’ve been exiled from your kingdom? Well, if you’re Cleopatra, the original #GirlBoss, you roll yourself up in a ceremonial rug that’s carried across enemy lines to be presented to the conquering victor, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. Then, you super-duper hit it off with Caesar and, after some sieges and skirmishes, he reinstates you as Egypt’s ruler. That’s what we call effective gifting.

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