Why Your Personalization Efforts Are Not Working

By on June 22, 2018 in Businesses

Frankly speaking, not everything we purchase online is for us. We all know this. Right?

Yet… say a guy buys his girlfriend a pair of yoga pants. Now he gets emails from the store saying: “We have your favorite body-hugging, butt-boosting yoga pants in pink! Get your size before we run out!” (True story).

It’s already proven that personalization can lift sales up to 10%. And let’s admit it, there is nothing more exciting than getting an email crafted especially for you, with recommendations you love and statements that align with your values. They make you want to click on the links and buttons impatiently to see more things you like.

Except this is rarely the case.

Today, customer data lacks context, making personalization a labor-intensive guessing game.

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Bridesmaids and Hostess Presents: 3 Wedding #GiftingWins

By on June 14, 2017 in Consumers

Be honest: do you really think the exact same necklace is right for all of your bridesmaids? Or the same vase makes sense for the people throwing you those beautiful parties? Don’t get us wrong, we love traditions, but when it comes to gifting, it’s time for an update. It’s a big day with big personalities and big gift choices to make, but there’s no reason they should all be the same. Here’s how to make it easy to find the right presents for everyone on your list.

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What Kind of Gifter Are You?

By on December 28, 2016 in Consumers

So many kinds of gifters, so many bad gifts. From the Desperate Gifter to the Overconfident Gifter, it’s something we can all relate to. Here’s our catalog of gifters gone wrong.

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You Shouldn’t Have: The Tragi-Comic Realities of Finding the Perfect Present

By on December 27, 2016 in Consumers

Phew, we made it through the holidays! And we got amazing gifts, right? And we gave amazing gifts, riiiiight? Ruh Roh. Not. Exactly. The truth is, gifting is hard.  So many factors go into finding the perfect present. In fact, that’s why dearduck was created. We’re delving into the tragicomic realities of gift-giving so that we can turn those gifting frowns upside down. 

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5 Gifting Mistakes, aka #Giftingfails, and How To Fix Them

By on August 25, 2016 in Consumers

giphy_angie-tribeca_1via GIPHY

Ok, we’re going to put all of our gifting cards on the table. We’ve given—and received—our share of bad gifts. Gifts that were bought in desperation, at the last minute, when we just didn’t have a clue, and even when we thought way too hard about it. dearduck is all about making it easy to find the right gift, so those cringe-worthy moments are a thing of the past. Coming this fall, our aim is to take all the tricky parts of gifting off your plate, so you can simply enjoy all the fun parts. In the meantime, and in the spirit of full (anonymous!) disclosure, we wanted to share a few of our own #giftingfails, and how to turn them into, yes, #giftingwins.

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Our Top 4: Best Gifts Ever

By on August 8, 2016 in Consumers

Here at dearduck, we’re obsessed with the how’s and why’s of giving great gifts, so we decided to take a look back for some gift-spiration, from Prince George to Cleopatra.

1. Prince George’s Rocking Horse

How to give an amazing gift to a literal Prince who has everything? Even the Obamas might have had a tough time figuring that one out, but we think they nailed it: a rocking horse. Not just any old rocking horse, but one handmade using wood from an old oak tree on the White House lawn. Oh, and the saddle is embossed with the Presidential Seal. And from the way the adorable royal was rocking that horse in July when he met the Obamas at Kensington Palace (remember the monogrammed robe, gingham PJs and velvet slippers, natch, as it was right around his bedtime?!?!), it seems like a fave in Prince George’s routine. Now we just want to know if he’ll let Princess Charlotte ride it.

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The Ritual of Gifting: Getting from Waaah! To WooHoo!

By on July 26, 2016 in Consumers

Ah, the agonies and the ecstasies of gift giving! When it works, it’s like a kind of magic, bringing everyone closer together. When it doesn’t…well, we’ve all been there. Put simply: it hurts. Bad. But why is it sometimes so hard? Well, it’s probably no surprise that gifting has been studied, kind of a lot, by everyone from psychologists to economists to sociologists. (In fact, when we were putting dearduck together, we geeked out on the research because it both challenged and backed up our intuitions.) Here, we delve into the findings to reveal how dearduck can turn your gifting frown upside down.

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