Dearduck, the name

Our name is meant to evoke the feelings of affection and love that are at the core of human relationships.

“Dear” is a term of endearment that also calls to mind letter writing, that age-old art that invites connection and exchange.

“Duck,” along with being an adorable animal, is also a term of endearment that’s been around since Shakespeare’s time. The words together work on multiple layers of meaning, and they also succeed on face value to capture the essence of the brand’s fun, playful and smart personality.

Frank, Our Mascot

The two D’s refer back to the name of the brand and show a connection between two people.

The mark resembles a duck in its basic shape, a term of endearment and the brand’s namesake.

The wing creates another “D” visually, and it’s contained within a shape, introducing the idea of all that is dear to someone, all that it takes to understand them.

Meet Katy, Our Founder

You could say the concept of Dearduck started when Katy was 4 years old, giving garden tours to her family members for $1 so she could learn everyone’s favorite flower.

But it wasn’t until she developed a professional career and became an IT consultant that she was able to see a vision that could apply to everyone.

Katy spent her career as an IT consultant working with companies like Walmart creating efficiencies on and offline to both the business and their customers.