About Us

We’ve all been in that situation where you spend hours finding the “right” gift for someone and then: it bombs. In fact, it happens all the time! That’s because it’s pretty much impossible to find the perfect present for someone without knowing what she wants. And yet, asking—not to mention telling—can be totally awkward.

That’s where we come in. We get to know you and the people in your circle. We observe. We curate. We do all the research and heavy lifting so that you can be the heroic gift-giver you’ve always wanted to be.

We believe you can forge deeper bonds through effective gifting. We believe a great gift—no matter how big or small—is a wonderful thing for both the giver and the receiver.

The quest for thoughtful presents is over. Gifting just got way easier.

Our Flock

dearduck, the Name

Our name is meant to evoke the feelings of affection and love that gifting, at its core, is all about. “Dear” is a term of endearment that also calls to mind letter writing, that age-old art that invites connection and exchange. “Duck,” along with being an adorable animal, is also a term of endearment that’s been around since Shakespeare’s time. The words together work on multiple layers of meaning, and they also succeed on face value to capture the essence of the brand’s fun, playful and smart personality.

Meet Frank

Frank is more than our logo, he embodies everything that dearduck represents.

Double D’s refer back to the name of the brand and show connection between the giver and receiver. The mark resembles a duck in its basic shape, a term of endearment and the brand’s namesake. The wing creates another “D” visually, and it’s contained within a shape, introducing the idea of a gift waiting inside.