Candles. They seem like the best gifts, right? Easy, personal, and a gift that keeps on giving every time you light it. Well, as we’ve said before, it’s not quite that simple. Knowing—and remembering—someone else’s scent and design preferences can be tough. Heck, even remembering your own sometimes is no mean feat. So if you thought you liked woodsy, but that pine-scented votive you got just reminds you of Christmas, or if you’re never quite sure when gifting a candle if she really does like citrus and stripes, or is it spicy and gold? then we’re here to set you straight.

Definitely the friend you’d want to ask for candle advice.

First up, we’re talking to Tiffany Jais of style blog Flaunt & Center for all of her expert candle tips.

What do you consider when you’re buying a candle as a gift? Scents are very personal, so I try to keep that in mind when gifting. If I’m ever unsure about a scent, I’ve found that something more earthy is more suitable, like bamboo or Champagne. They’re both gender friendly and not overpowering. Nest makes this bamboo scent that smells out-of-this-world-good, even my hubby comments when he smells that one!

Top 3 things you should consider when buying a candle for yourself? Scent, burn time, and intensity. Some candles can fill up a room quickly and are more robust, while others are very light and not as intense. Also consider if you want a candle that will burn longer, I mean who doesn’t want that? But typically with a longer burn time the scent is not as bold. The candle I’ve found with both powerful scent and a long burn time is from Voluspa. They have a large variety of different scents so you can definitely find one that you’ll love!

Tiffany admits she keeps a stock of these in her office drawer in case they’re ever discontinued.

Speed Round

All-Time Favorite Candle: Henri Bendel Peony

Top 5 Candle Brands: Diptyque, Voluspa, Nest, Cocolux Australia, and Henri Bendel

Candle Mishap: Make sure you use a wick cutter otherwise char can actually pop out of the candle and stain whatever it lands on. This happened to a very nice coffee table book I had and sadly it was ruined!

Most likely to light candles: Friday and Sunday nights. Those are usually our family nights where we cook dinner, watch movies, a candle definitely helps create a cozy home. And for entertaining! It creates a more inviting environment, and a good scent sets the tone.

We love Tiffany’s candle vibe so much that we collaborated with her on a Curated Candle Collection: just download the dearduck app and look for the Flaunt & Center filter! It’s Tiffany’s favorite brands and must-have scents to thrill every nose. Plus, the Flaunt & Center logo on items means they’re Tiffany’s personal Picks (if you ever need to get her a candle, hint hint!).

Now that we’ve got some candle know-how, let’s get down to business. Always wondered what would be the perfect candle for you? Take our quiz to find out, and while you’re at it you could win a ton of gorgeous Henri Bendel candles!

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