We asked our favorite moms to tell us their Picks, just like in the dearduck app, so we could curate perfect presents for them.

Let’s face it, Mother’s Day can create gifting anxiety. You want so much to get the perfect thing that will make her proverbial day, but how to do that, exactly? As an app dedicated to taking the guesswork out of gifting and deepening all of our relationships, we’re excited to be especially helpful on Mother’s Day (when gifting can go oh so wrong.) The fact is, every mom is different, and their gifts should be, too, which is where dearduck comes in. We asked some of our favorite moms to collaborate with us on choosing their Mother’s Day Picks. Today’s collaboration is with Esther Freedman—the force behind the beyond-adorable, playful, and yet practical kids’ clothing brand and site Cuteheads—and all her Picks are available now in the dearduck app

Esther started Cuteheads as a line of knit basics in 2012 and since then it’s grown to include standout rompers, tees and custom dresses, all with her signature modern-with-a-touch-of-vintage vibe. The idea is, clothes that are ready for both special occasion pictures and a serious play date. Everything’s made sustainably and responsibly right in Texas, where Esther hails from and still lives, all while raising 2 ridiculously cute daughters and maintaining her extremely thoughtful and very funny blog the Cuteness.

Bath salts. Candle. Lavender soap. Let the pampering commence.

Speaking of family, Esther’s ideal Mother’s Day includes “spending it with my two girls, my husband and my extended family. My favorite gifts are the ones that have thought and meaning behind them! I also love anything that helps me relax and wind down, since I don’t get a lot of ‘me’ time, between my business and my kids.” We hear you, Esther! Esther told us she loves candles (“There’s a candle burning in my house most of the time,” she says, “and I go through them quickly!”) and bath products, and her favorite scents are warm and earthy, so this Lavender Gift Box from The Little Market should do the trick.

We curated the Love and Lemons cookbook keeping in mind that Esther cooks “alot,” is gluten free, and loves “anything lemon.”

Oodles of delish gluten-free recipes.

Based on the beloved blog, these recipes are often finished with a squeeze of lemon and have tons of delicious gluten-free options.

A fan of Kate Somerville, “serums and anything with Retinol,” we chose the All Eyes on You Set, an anti-aging trio for the eyes.

A Kate Somerville and Foreo eye trio, where anti-aging meets pampering.

Both the eye cream and liquid lift feature Retinol, and the Foreo eye massager is made to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, and sounds super-relaxing to boot.

Esther’s partial to Chardonnay, sparkling Rose, and confides, “Let’s be honest, pretty much any wine is a good gift when you have two kids.” We’ll raise a glass to that, and these Rabbit wine stoppers will keep any bottle fresh.

Rabbit wine stoppers keep any bottle fresh.

We love how the gold-faceted tops provide a decorative touch on an otherwise pretty utilitarian kitchen staple.

To shop all of Esther’s Mother’s Day Picks, just download the dearduck app and look for our Mother’s Day event.

When you’re in the dearduck app, just tap on Mother’s Day to shop all of Esther’s Picks.

Esther’s Picks will have a little photo of her so they’ll be easy to spot. And be on the lookout for more of our favorite moms and their Picks next week. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the major moms in your life, take a few minutes to fill out your Picks (it’s fun, we promise!) so we can find presents that are just right for you.

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