How it Works


Using our fun and easy to use toolset, your customers create preference guides that map directly to your products at any given time.

On average, Dearduck’s accurate and precise preference data increases conversion rates by 3%.


Your customers invite friends, family, clients, and anyone else they love to do the same. This creates a unique buying for others (BFO) link and automates recommendations between friends.

On average, each customer brings along 3 new customers who do the same.


BFO links trigger BFO marketing emails that are automated – all year long. BFO emails include preference guides to boost buyer confidence and trust in you as their guide.

BFO emails have greater than a 50% open rate. Example: Emma – Check out these recommendations for Lucy (and a few for you too!)

Dearduck, the brand

Our name is meant to evoke the feelings of affection and love that BFO, at its core, is all about.

“Dear” is a term of endearment that also calls to mind letter writing, that age-old art that invites connection and exchange.

“Duck,” along with being an adorable animal, is also a term of endearment that’s been around since Shakespeare’s time. The words together work on multiple layers of meaning, and they also succeed on face value to capture the essence of the brand’s fun, playful and smart personality.